New Registration, Monitoring and Inspection Arrangements of Designated Centres

On 13 July 2021, the Chief Inspector of Social Services issued a Regulatory Notice which applies to Registered Providers of;

  • Designated Centres for Older Persons;
  • Designated Centres for people (Adults and Children) with a disability; and
  • Special Care Units.


Applications for registration, renewal of registration and variation of conditions of registration must be made in line with the provisions of the Health Act 2007 as amended, the relevant regulations1, and the guidance set out by the Chief Inspector, available here. All previous notices issued throughout 2020 and 2021 in relation to registration are now retired.

Providers can now nominate a ‘registered provider representative’, in writing, to the Chief Inspector. This person can engage directly with a provider’s registered provider representative on escalated matters. Where a provider does not name a representative, the Chief Inspector will instead engage with any company director, partner, or member of the committee in the case of an unincorporated body.


All registration, monitoring and quarterly notifications must be notified to the Chief Inspector in line with the relevant regulations. Providers must continue to provide a daily update using the NF02A Form to notify the Chief Inspector of any case of confirmed COVID-19 among staff and residents. The daily update can be found in the Draft Notifications page on HIQA’s Portal account.

Once a centre has been COVID-19 free for a period of 28 days, the NF02A form will be closed by the Chief Inspector. If further cases arise or are suspected, the provider should submit a new NF02A form.

Where the death of a resident associated with COVID-19 infection arises, whether suspected or confirmed, this should be treated as an unexpected death. Providers must notify the Chief Inspector using an NF01 form within three days, in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Implications for Registered Providers

  1. As a result of the Regulatory Notice, Registered Providers must;
  2. comply with relevant legislation, regulations and HIQA guidance in relation to registration;
  3. ensure that their registered provider representative meets the relevant criteria;
  4. report all notifications to the Chief Inspector in line with the relevant regulations; and
  5. take note of updated guidance on inspections.

1 Health Act 2007 (Registration of Designated Centres for Persons (Children and Adults with Disabilities)
Regulations 2013, as amended, or Health Act 2007 (Registration of Designated Centres for Older People)
Regulations 2015 as amended or Health Act 2007 (Registration of Designated Centres) (Special Care Units)
Regulations 2017 as amended.


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Sinéad O’Loghlin


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